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Friday, November 21, 2008

Global Warming Facts

In this web site you will find articles, informations and links to scientific evidences about Global Warming and the Climate Change phenomenons.

Worldwide problems... local solutions?

If you are already concerned with the problem and just want to know what to do, jump to the solutions.

The above link is an article we published in which you can find 50 tips to stop global warming, starting from your home and very little changes to your lifestyle.

Our thoughts

Global Warming is really a big problem we have to deal with nowadays, because it has the potential to change forever our lives and our planet's environment as we know them, and this would affect the whole mankind. There are huge social, political, and economic issues that will rise if we don't do something to stop the skyrocketing rise of the temperatures.

There is a debate about who is (or are) to blame for this dangerous phenomenon: what are the causes of global warming? Are them the industry CO2 emissions? Are them other gases, maybe made by animals or producted in another natural way, anyway? Is it the whole mankind itself, with its own way of using and abusing the planet Earth?
We think it does not really matter, because the problem exists (yes, global warming is REAL and it is happening) and is useless to look for someone to blame for it: instead, we need to ACT: everybody should do what is in his/her possibilities to DO something: we as humanity can still slow down the rising of temperature on the planet.

Useful Resources For You

Okay, here's the greatest hit: FIFTY Tips on how to stop global warming. Many practical, everyday little TO-DOs with a low commitment and an high positive impact on the environment.

If you want to learn more and need informations, researches, scientific evidences, and news updates about Global Warming and Climate Change, you're invited to visit the resources listed on the right column in this website. We will update our listings there as soon as we get noticed of new documents and resources about Global Warming, Environment, and Green Life.

Please, acknowledge us with any valid Climate Change and related resource you know of, if we don't list it already.

Global Warming Awareness

You know well what a few more degrees in the world mean temperature would mean for the environment. But are you really aware of what this would mean for the whole mankind, for us? Have you ever thought about how many souls would be involved in the disaster, and how?

Learn more supporting our Global Warming Awareness movement campaign (still in active development).

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