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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Real Cause of Global Warming

To date, the effects, reasons, solutions and a plethora of blame has been hypothesized as a means of coping with Global Warming. What is the real cause of Global warming ? Why hasn’t it been realized before now and what can we do to halt the ever so intense and well publicized, effects of it. In 1971,much social upheaval was centered over awareness of the Planet and the various problems brought on by man An awareness day was set up and the first Earth Day was generated. At that time, the huge issues addressed by the sponsors of Earth Day were over-population and Global cooling. The thought process, at that time, was that mankind had opened the smoke stacks and dumped millions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere. The pollution would reflect the Sun’s rays causing the Planet to excessively cool. People 30 years from then would be shivering in a cave by then due to their own mal treatment of the Planet.

Obviously, they the proponents of Global Cooling were wrong. However, the manufactured hysteria did achieve its goal during that spring, 31 years ago. Green Peace and a variety of other sponsors became very wealthy. Today, Al Gore has come up with another version of the same hoax and he too, as if it was not his intent to do so, has become very wealthy! The real cause of Global Warming can be reduced to a very simple formula;

1) Conceive or create a conflict that has a presumed effect on everyone- publicize it.

2) Convince greedy yet credentialed experts to fan the flames.

3) Capitalize on the after effects by offering solutions.

4) Continue steps 2 & 3 until the financial goals have been achieved.

This is not the rocket science Al Gore would like to make it! the real causes of Global warming has a simple, uncomplicated solution. Al Gore causes Global Warming. Even if his conclusions had an element of accuracy to them, genuine people of science always submit a hypothesis, then go about trying to disprove it. Isaac Newton, who was able to define gravity, set a fine example. People have been working with his theories for hundreds of years without anyone objecting to any findings as long as they are legitimate. To question Al Gore’s theory of Global Warming is tantamount to blasphemy in many social circles. It has all the trappings of a religion!

Al Gore with his team of Socialist and Pseudo Scientists know a good thing when they see
one. This is their cash cow and they won’t turn loose of it until it has been bled dry. Note, the Al Gore followers turn the tables on science. They find a climatic change; For example, the shrinking of the Arctic ice shelf, then apply their Global Warming label to it. Legitimate Scientists would study the problem, conclude a variety of possibilities then publish their findings with a note of questions. Ten, maybe twenty years from now when the Arctic shelf has grown back as it has for millennia, no one will call attention to it. No information was taken 20 or 30 years ago, from the ice shelf, to properly give a basis for Gore’s hypothesis. Data to make these Global judgments simply does not exist yet it doesn’t slow the inconvenient hoax so much as a whisper.

What causes Global Warming, Al Gore causes Global Warming. The fools that contribute to his variety of sham campaigns, either directly or indirectly, which are in existence to cast blame and blame only will someday realize that they have been taken as a fool. In the meantime, Al Gore is crying for the Planet, all the way to the bank. His methods are right out of the Marxist handbook, they are nothing new. Soon, once the hysteria dies down and the various contributors have given all they are willing to give, we can all go back to living a normal life but not until then.

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