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Friday, March 6, 2009

What You Need To Know About The Economic Impact Of Global Warming

Many people do not really see the economic impact of global warming. For most people, global warming is just changes in the weather and melting of the polar ice caps. However, the impact of global warming does not just affect the physical world, it also affect the people, the way they live, eat and use their resources. To understand better the economic impact of global warming in our daily lives, let us look at the following points.

Higher Energy Consumption

The economic impact of global warming is far reaching and it affects our day to day activities. For instance, in many parts of the world, summers can be excruciatingly hot. Although there are many people who can stand the heat without fainting or having heat strokes, many people are not that lucky. To dispel the heat and to make their homes more comfortable, people turn up their air conditioners and leave them on for most parts of the day and night. Since these air conditioning units run on electricity, people end up paying more money for their electric bills. Higher energy bills can erode the family budget to some degree. This is but a simple illustration of how the economic impact of global warming can affect ordinary citizens like you and me.

If you take a look at the larger picture of things, you may notice how the increase in the demand for energy can affect the environment and erode the economy. Studies show that as the earth heats up, we may have to use up more energy to live comfortably. Many experts agree that the economic impact of global warming can be catastrophic if left uncheck.

Lower Farm Production

The economic impact of global warming can be seen in many farms around the world. We must understand that global warming does not just affect human beings, it affects all living things. In fact, studies show that the impact of global warming on animals can be more severe than its impact among humans. Wild animals are especially vulnerable to severe climate changes. Since these animals are left to fend for their own, they are often exposed to great danger.

On the other hand, farm animals as well as their owners also suffer much from changes in the weather. Physical growth of farm animals is often affected by severe weather changes and when this happens, farmers lose money. If this cycle continues, some farmers may end up closing their farms and move on to another business.

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  1. Yes AC keeps us cool, and boy does it feel good. When it is hot out going into an air conditioned room is a big relief, but there wasn't "always" air conditioning. One thing that "always" has been(or atleast for a pretty good amount of time) are us, humans. Now how did we escape from the heat before AC was invented? Anyways people managed and the day went on and tomorrow came. It's ike we put such a stigma on being happy and comfortable. Like we couldn't be happy without the coldest air around blowing at top speeds into our livingrooms during the summer. Another one is how I mentioned in front of some people that my fiancee and I were going to cut the cable that we pay $70-$100 dollars a month for (including all the channels, renting a movie here and there "movies on demand", and internet). Thats a good amount of money we could be saving. Ofcourse we are going to keep internet and we down sixed to basic cable. Now our monthly bill is going to be $35 per month. I understand now why I used to get in trouble for touching the thermostat at my parents house, and now at my own house we let 70 be the lowest temp we put it on. Its crazy how easy it is to be over indulgent in our society, but how simple it is to cut some things out if yatake the time to think about it.


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