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Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop Global Warming

Each of us can make small changes every day that will help stop global warming. At the same time these steps can also save money. Here are a few suggestions for small changes that businesses can make:

  • Switch to compact fluorescent lights. For a cost study refer to Get Energy Smart Now. Make sure to recycle used light bulbs properly. If your office is in a commercial building with overhead fluorescent lighting try turning off the overhead lights when there is sufficient daylight to further reduce your energy expenditure.

  • Use recycled paper and green office supplies. Shop local for these items if possible as many office supply stores carry recycled paper. You can also find additional green office products at The Green Office, Dolphin Blue, and Tree Cycle.

  • Reduce paper and energy wasted by stopping junk mail. If you use direct mail yourself make sure to maintain your lists and target mail campaigns effectively or try email campaigns instead.

  • Use email campaigns instead of direct mail to effectively reach your target audience. You will save money at the same time you save natural resources and reduce energy expenditures.

For more assistance check to see if your local area has a program such as the Bay Area Green Business Program. Each of us making small changes can make a difference.

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