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Monday, June 8, 2009

By 2050, Poland Will Be Like Sicily

Global warming is changing everything about our lives. It is changing how insects spread disease to us and plants. It is melting the ice that dominates the poles and it is causing the complete altering of climate patterns, leading to mass extinctions. As it turns out, global warming could also be changing where people take their vacations in 2050.

As things get warmer, typically milder and colder places begin to have longer and hotter summers. Such is the case with Poland and Hungary, which are expected to have a climate more like Sicily and Spain by mid-century.

Right now, Hungary and Poland have 22 days above 30 degrees C each year. According to a new study, the number of days above 30 degrees C will increase to 37 by 2050.
It is generally accepted that places like Poland, Russia, Canada, Scandinavian countries and the Ukraine will benefit greatly from global warming due to longer growing seasons and more rainfall. However, there are many more countries that will not benefit at all and could see a complete collapse of their social order.

According to the study, countries in the former Soviet Union that will be hurt the most by global warming are Tajikistan, Albania and Kyrgyzstan, while Slovenia, Czech Republic and Estonia are former Soviet provinces that will benefit the most.

So, in 2050 are we going to be getting our wine from Poland? If Poland is going to be like Sicily, does that mean Sicily will be more like Northern Africa? Or the Sahara? With global warming, for every benefit for countries like Poland, there are many more disadvantages for countries like Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain. These countries will be completely altered due to global warming and they could find themselves as a barren wasteland. What can be said is that as the world warms, more and more people will move to the north. For countries like Canada, which has a very low population, that could lead to a conflict as more people want what we have here in Canada.

Until that time, begin enjoying the wine coming out of Poland, I hear the vintage of 2047 is supposed to be great.

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