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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slower or Faster? Take your pick.

I saw these two stories about wind studies related to global warming. Both were actually posted on the same day (yesterday).

The first one from the Guardian states........The great gusting winds of the American Midwest - and possibly the hopes for the most promising clean energy source - may be dying, in part because of climate change, according to a new report.

The second one from ScienceDaily starts out like this.......As a result of stronger winds caused by global warming, seeds and pollen are being carried over longer distances.

Well, which one is it. Granted, the first study is focusing on the wind in the American Midwest, while the second one is talking about the winds in the Boreal forest. Is one of these studies coming up with the wrong conclusion? Based on what I read from the Guardian article, it appears that there are some scientists that feel that the Midwest wind conclusion is way too premature.

Or, is it true that wind speeds due to global warming are increasing in some areas and weakening in others?

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