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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are proofs of global warming actually myths?

Andrew Bolt offers refutation of several evidences of global warming which he labels "myths." The 10 proofs of global warming he refutes are

  1. The world is warming
  2. The polar caps are melting
  3. We've never had such a bad drought
  4. Our cities have never been hotter
  5. The seas are getting hotter
  6. The seas are rising
  7. Cyclones are getting worse
  8. The great barrier reef is dying
  9. Our snow seasons are shorter
  10. Tsunamis and other disasters are getting worse

The second is interesting, the amount of ice in the Antarctic has increased over the last 3 decades. Issue 1 is a shame as I think the biosphere would be more productive if it were warmer, especially in temperature and polar climes. Hopefully the higher CO2 will increase biomass despite lack of temperature increase.

He tackles issue 4 via record high temperatures. While interesting, it is not the best way to address it. Cities probably are warming via the urban heat island effect.

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  1. The accuracies of long range predictions of climate models are very poor, because the chaotic nature of atmosphere-ocean system.


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