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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Global warming and its effect on animals

Due to the rise in the earth’s temperature, we have seen large number of climatic changes. While people are getting more uncomfortable to adapt to these sudden changes, aquatic animals and small insects are facing more disastrous effects. This rise in temperature is suitable for small insects like mosquitoes and other fleas and they are breeding in large numbers. The temperature has been continuously increasing in Polar Regions. This increases the warmth of the water and the ice starts melting. For animals like polar bear and sea lions that depend on ice, this may lead to disaster and hence decrease the population leading to extinction of these species. Moreover as the temperature increases, the aquatic animals migrate to regions where the temperature is suitable to hatch eggs. Due to this long migration and no suitable temperatures, eggs fail to hatch. This also reduces the population of the species. If this global warming is not taken seriously and checked soon, huge amount of biological imbalance may occur which may lead to disastrous effects on earth. So let’s join hands to avoid the pollution and save the earth.

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