The indefatigable and un-dismayable Al Gore won’t be discouraged by a recent discovery in Colombia, but reasonable people should be.

Al, who has long preached on the horrific effects that global warming is having on the flora and fauna on the Earth, as well as on everything we human planet- predators do, think, believe, and hope for on said planet, will either dismiss or ignore completely this report:
”Ten new species of amphibians — including three kinds of poisonous frogs and three transparent-skinned glass frogs — have been discovered in the mountains of Colombia, conservationists said Monday:”

Whether you’re into poisonous and transparent frogs in the Tropics or not, this discovery once more gives the lie to the poisonous, transparent Inconvenient Truth Man’s contentions.

Nature has its own, unique method of dealing with global warming, global cooling, and everything in between. It doesn’t function as a Zero Sum game. The loss of a few, or many species–of ants, gorillas, or polar bears is always compensated by Nature with a replacement.

After all, Earth lost the dinosaurs millions of years ago then gave us Al Gore.