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Monday, February 2, 2009

Why should we switch to renewable energy?

My essay topic is on green energy, I can't seem to think of an ethical reasons to why we should make the switch.
What are some reasons(ethical, logical,and emotional) to why we should switch to renewable/green/efficient energy?

We should swtich to renewable energies - a wise combination of solar, wind, and water power because renewables are:

A) sustainable - energy that wont deplete (= energy security / the end of the power struggle)
B) Doesn't cost the earth to acquire
(EG. there's no drilling into the Earth's core…)
C) Once equipment is paid for, the energy is FREE.
(Ah! Freedom from bills!)
D) It is truly SAFE
E) It is CLEAN / non-polluting (no carbon emissions!)
F) NO power cuts! (With adverse weather / global warming, no risk, or threat, of having no
G) Homes that have handy energy generation kits installed, become self-sufficient / don't have
to rely on the national grid
(which needs replacing at huge expense) (if that money was saved and spent on fitting devices in every building - WOW!)

(= Energy Security)

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