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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dangers of Global Warming

Climate change is an extremely dangerous event that effects everyone and everywhere on Earth. In recent decades, global warming is an apparent phenomenon that brings about floods, droughts, and hurricanes. This phenomenon is caused by the abundant release of carbon dioxide into the biosphere. If this amount of carbon dioxide continues to grow and reach a six degrees increase on average around the globe, then Earth will be a harsh place to inhabit for people.

At the current moment, Earth is on the brink of reaching two degrees increase in climate change. Two degrees increase is a turning point, where ice from the Arctic will begin to melt. Droughts and fires will occur in the Amazon rain forest, a valuable asset of our planet that produces twenty percent of Earth’s oxygen. As the climate increases to three and four degrees, glacier from the Himalayas Mountain will recede, deadly hurricanes will occur more often, and rivers will dry up. When the increase reaches five and six degree, we are approaching doom day. At this point, cities will be flooded and our social systems will collapse. Signs of global warming are noticeable all over the world; the decaying of the coral reef in Australia is a vivid example of global warming.

Global warming is an effect that we are responsible for creating. In order to protect the future of our planet we should take part in controlling and resolving this issue. Governments and civilians should collaborate to reduce the number of power plants and devise more efficient energy sources. Although, we are working on creative idea such taking advantage of energy fusion, but the most practical solution is to be aware of the amount energy that we waste and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we release.

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