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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Maldives Will Disappear In 10 Years

The Maldives is a world famous tourist destination, but the country is beleaguered with corruption. The Maldives holds the record for being the lowest country in the world, with a maximum natural ground level of only 2.3 m (7½ ft) with the average being only 1.5 m above sea level.

As current global warming trends are not curbed, a group of scientists latest report shows that, the Maldives and other low-lying countries may disappear in this century, even the next 10 years.

In November 2008, President Mohamed Nasheed announced plans to look into purchasing new land in India, Sri Lanka, and Australia, due to his concerns about global warming and the possibility of much of the islands being inundated with water from rising sea levels. Current estimates place sea level rise at 59 cm by the year 2100. The purchase of land will be made from a fund generated by tourism. The President has explained his intentions, saying “We do not want to leave the Maldives, but we also do not want to be climate refugees living in tents for decades”.

Nasheed said, in the worst-case scenario, the Maldives may be the relocation of the whole country.


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