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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seawater Sprayed on Clouds?

Blog posted by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Mark Paquette

Hello again. I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

This website, will lead to the original article that I am going to comment on and which I want you to read and respond to.

I am not to sure what this "small panel of very acclaimed economists assembled by the Copenhagen Consensus" exactly is. Who exactly is listening to this group's ideas? Where did they get the "science", if we can call this plan "science, from? Wow, I've heard some strange plans, but this one has to be right up there in terms of weirdness. I have never heard of anything like this before? Have any of you?

I guess I would and should do more research on this theory. How big are the drops? What exactly is the science behind this? From what part of the ocean will you get the water from? What types of clouds do you spray? What latitude do you spray the clouds? Will this in anyway affect wildlife, air quality, or other weather variables?

Anyways, I just thought this was an interesting idea and I would like to see what other people think about and it and if anyone has more information on this theory or on this group of people.

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